Saturday, 7 May 2016

The theory driving test !

I passed my driving test 2nd time lucky about 13 years ago, I didn't particularly enjoy doing lessons, but im so glad that I can drive, there have been quite a few changes to the driving test since I learnt to drive.
Today we are going to be looking at the theory test
When I first did my Theory test, it was multiple choice questions on paper, in a room with lots of other people, and then the piece of paper was sent away, and you had to wait a couple of weeks, to find out if you had passed or failed ! :\
i think I eventually passed on the third attempt, but then, because I didn't take my driving test within two years my theory test expired!! and I had to re take it, this time though it was more like it is today, on a computer and with an instant pass or fail !, and luckily I passed it first time.
So lets take a look at what your having to deal with on the theory test
So before you can even apply to take your theory test you need a provisional driving licence which you can apply for from here
it costs 34.00 GBP and you need one of these for when you start doing your driving lessons anyway.
apparently the earliest you can apply for one is when your 15 years and 9 months old, which I never realised, so you would be very well prepared.
In the UK you have to be 17 years old to be able to learn to drive.
There are two parts in the theory test
a section with multiple choice questions, which has questions about signs, stopping distances,, road awareness etc.
and a hazard perception test, to ensure you are wary of hazards, for example, people walking out from behind busses that are in bus stops, or children playing with a ball, in a built up area.
there are 50 questions to answer, in the multiple choice part and you have 57 minutes, to answer them, and to pass you need to score anything above 43 out of 50
you can do a mock theory test here
I took it and failed lol 39 out of 50, so hopefully you will do much better !
let me know in the comments section below if you took the test, and what score you got.
mock tests like these are great, because it gets you used to the types of questions that are on the test.
For the hazard perception test
you are shown 14 clips with different hazards that may be about to occur, the quicker you notice the hazard the higher the points you score.  the maximum points are 5 points per hazard.
and to pass you need to get 44 out of 75
This wasn't introduced when I did my theory test, probably a good job, considering my failure on the multiple choice test.
the theory test is costing £23.00 GBP and you can book it here
You will told there and then if you passed or failed, if you passed, you will receive a fancy certificate, which expires in two years !, so make sure you take your test before it expires.  And if you failed, don't worry, you just need to do some more revising, there are so many books, dvds, online tests to help and so much free help online

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