Monday, 18 June 2018

England World Cup Football Fever

Show your support for the England football team, for the World Cup 2018 with our England Flag car accessories.
Fabulous England flag cotton steering wheel cover, and matching England Flag Seatbelt pad's

Thursday, 17 May 2018

It's a nice day for a Royal Wedding !

On the 19th May 2018 a Royal wedding will be taking place here in the UK.
If you had not heard Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married

So in honour of that we thought we would share with you our Patriotic car accessories.
Fit for a King or Queen.

How fabulous are these Union Jack flag Seatbelt pads, and matching steering wheel cover, handmade from Red White and Blue cotton fabric.
This set has been really popular also with our Austin Mini Owners, here in the UK and Overseas.

The Steering wheel cover is elasticated, so simply stretches over your steering wheel.
Ideal for Summer driving and winter driving 
The Seatbelt pads, come as a pair, they are handmade from Cotton fabric, padded for extra comfort and have velcro fastenings for easy fitting and removal.

Why not team these with our Union Jack Flag mirror cover, also handmade from cotton fabric.
Elasticated so just stretches over your rear view mirror, to give your car an instant look of Royalty 
Or we have this style too, with small mini Union jack flags, on a white background.

Also we sell the Union Jack flag pads, individually, these are ideal to use with guitar straps, handbag straps, and seatbelts.  They are padded for extra comfort, with velcro fastenings, for easy fitting and removal.
Ideal for helping prevent straps rubbing on your neck, or digging into your shoulder, plus they look great too.

If your interested in any of our Union Jack flag car accessories, or any other car accessories then please pop on over to our website 

We ship Worldwide and postage in the UK is FREE

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Poppys Crafts With David Walliams Ratburger !

At the very beginning of the year we were contacted by a TV productions company and commissioned to make a 17" Leopard print fuzzy steering wheel cover for a vintage Bedford van
This Steering wheel cover was due to be used in a TV adaption of the Book Ratburger written by the fabulous David Walliams.
On Christmas Eve, Our leopard print steering wheel cover made it's debut on Sky One
And we wanted to share some screen shots with you :)

 David Walliams & Sheridan Smith Sky One's RatBurger

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Poppys Crafts car accessories on the TV

In our last post you seen that our car accessories had appeared on a programme called
Ali-A's Superchargers.  On CBBC here in the UK
well we are pleased to announce it's happened again on the same programme, different car.
And this time with our purple car accessories

Casey, Hannah and Lucy are three sisters from Manchester. They love their car, 'The Big Boo', but his insides are very tatty, he's covered in bumps and scratches and the family have been warned that he may not pass his next MOT. Ali-A and his supercharging team step in to save Big Boo from the scrapheap and give him a brand new look.
At Superchargers HQ, Casey and her sisters brainstorm ideas with Ali-A and soon have a disagreement over their favourite colour for the car. Mum and Dad can only listen in horror at their wild ideas, but one thing's for sure: Dad hates all their suggestions! Before the sisters can decide which colour to go for, they take Big Boo to the Superchargers workshop where mechanic Rebecca helps them fix all his problems including replacing his brake pads. 

Check out our Purple fluffy car accessories here :)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Poppys Crafts on CBBC's Ali-A's Superchargers !

We were so proud to have our car accessories appearing on CBBC's new TV programme called Ali-A's Supercharger's
It's a car programme for kid's hosted by Youtuber star Ali-A.  Kid's get the power to do up mum and dad's boring old car, and turn it into something special, inside and out.
For the episode we were on a young brother and sister were improving their mum and dads old car, the little girl on the episode who was called Poppy ! was a big fan of Bow's and she chose some of our Barbie Pink car accessories with Black Satin Bow's to brighten up the interior of the car
You can check out the photo's here


Sunday, 9 April 2017

We have a new cover of the week !

Hi guys, that's right we have a new cover of the week !
This week everyones favourite cover was our

Fuzzy black mirror cover with black satin bow ☺

It really is very cute, so can see why it got the top spot this week.

You can find this cover over at our website 

You can also find matching accessories

Such as this cute fuzzy black faux fur steering wheel cover

 Black fuzzy fluffy steering wheel cover

And these fabulous black fuzzy faux fur seatbelt pads

 fluffy black faux fur seatbelt pads

And FREE worldwide shipping is still on so hurry and visit us over at