Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hello October !

Can you believe October is here already?, we have even had some customers buying some of our products for Christmas presents.
I wish I was that organised when it comes to getting my Christmas presents early, even though I say every year I will try to be, it always turns out to be a last minute rush

but I would recommend, if your intending on purchasing from us this Christmas to try and do it as early as possible, especially if your not in the UK, just to ensure the postman gets it to you in plenty of time. As we all know the post can get terribly busy over the festive season.

We will post the last recommended posting dates for Christmas on the website when they are available just to help

We have also extended our Discount code into this month which gives you 15% off your order, you just need to used the code QS6AF1BP6B03 at checkout.

And don't forget Halloween is at the end of this month, and we have some spooky steering wheel covers, like this skull and crossbones cotton fabric cover

Or how about our cute Pumpkin themed fuzzy steering wheel cover
You can find more covers over at

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