Saturday, 27 April 2019

National Pet Month, meet our pets

From the 1st April 2019 to the 6th May 2019 it is National Pet Month, so in honor of our furry and not so furry friends. we thought not we would share our Furry, fluffy and feathered friends with you and the real bosses in charge of Poppys Crafts HQ ;)

This fluffy one is Rosie she is our eldest she is 16, nearly 17 years old, and one of our original mittens.

Our little guinea pig Pumpkin who is nearly 5 years old

Peep, our rescued wood pigeon, he is nearly 2 years old, we found him on the floor in the garden when he was about 1 week old, and was being attacked by magpies, thankfully with lots of care and love and attention, and lots of night time feeds ! he is a gorgeous feathery boy, despite not having a tail, and a bit of a wonky foot.

Our gorgeous tabby girl Tilly, is 13 years old.  

And don't forget our pet related car accessories !

Steering Wheel covers, seatbelt pads, mirror covers and more

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