Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day fast approaching
How About buying mum something a little different this year :)
We have Steering wheel cover's seatbelt pads, mirror covers and more

But Check out our

Shoulder strap pads not only just ideal for seatbelt's, but also for using with Handbag straps, backpack straps, guitar straps etc
Padded for extra comfort with Velcro fastening for easy fitting and removal.  
Shoulder strap pads are great at helping prevent straps from digging into your shoulder, plus they look fab too.
Available in Fleece, cotton and fur fabrics, in lots of colour's and prints to choose from
Worldwide Shipping !

 barbie pink with black bows pad straps Bumble bee strap pads

 barbie pink faux fur shoulder strap pads rainbow striped fleece shoulder strap pads

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